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Hi, I'm David Hale, aka Cream Trader. I am proud to say I have been a professional trader for over 23 years. It has definitely been an exciting, and oftentimes, turbulent ride, but despite the ups and downs, I have never lost my passion for the markets and this beloved profession of mine. 
My goal is to share the insight I have gathered while working for what’s considered an eternity in the cutthroat world of prop trading. I aim to shed light on this secretive and colorful world, slicing through all the bullshit, and sharing the cold hard truths about how I, and legions of other successful traders, make our money. I firmly believe our secretive methods offer the most edge for any trader, in all forms of trading. I have the numbers to back that up!
While this approach, combined with the required execution and discipline makes it possible for anyone to strike it rich in the trading game, I want to emphasize how brutally tough this business is. I will never sugarcoat the cold hard facts of just how tough of an art trading is to master, instead I aim to prepare those brave enough to battle the markets with the right tools and resources to give themselves a fighting chance.

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