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The insider’s guide to the secretive and lucrative world of professional trading. Journey with David Hale on his rollercoaster ride of a career as he reveals the rules that give the pros an edge and the secrets they don’t want you to know. 

Possessing the key to a magical and highly secretive trading method, David Hale was only in his mid-twenties, but already living the luxurious lifestyle that legions of traders on Twitter and Instagram promise. And then the market, and life, took a turn, as he found out firsthand how brutal trading can be–he was penniless, suddenly wifeless and sleeping on his fathers' sofa in an apartment, in of places, Poland.

Part behind-the-scenes memoir and part trading masterclass, Cash Rules follows the changing fortunes of a 23-year professional day trading veteran as he battles intense markets and navigates the highly secretive world of professional trading. This book not only shines the light on the firms and traders that inhabit this lucrative world, but also reveals the methods and approaches that these firms, and their 8-figure earning traders, keep guarded from the masses. These are the methods that allow top traders to gorge on fat profits while the masses are fed generic technical methods from their “gurus” on Twitter and YouTube.

While these rules and methods can lead to success in any form of trading, Cash Rules makes no attempt to sugar-coat the harsh realities of this brutal business; David’s tale will make that apparent. Don’t worry, there are still stories of flip-flop-wearing 20-year-olds making millions, and we visit some interesting and unusual places to unveil these secret methods and rules: Texas schoolyard baseball card exchanges, the world’s highest-action casinos in Macau and Vegas, British gambling arcades, the HQ of a sketchy Polish crypto firm, and the offices of David’s self-owned proprietary trading firm. 

Get ready for a wild ride while learning the ultimate rules to become a successful trader–and remember, in this business successful means rich, because in trading…Cash Rules!

The book is available on all Amazon websites

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